Pablo The 1st CD

Image of Pablo The 1st CD

Pablo Nuñez is an Actor that is known for playing many characters, among them and most acclaimed are his roles as Jesus Christ (The Crucifixion) and also, prison inmate/rapper, SPM aka South Park Mexican.

While in character and working directly with SPM on film projects, Pablo was encouraged by the Rap legend himself to start creating music and consider a career in Rapping.

“Pablo the 1st”, is Pablo’s first music album release and the beginning of that career!

If you enjoy and appreciate a lyricist that executes great storytelling in his music, then make sure you take a listen to this album today and tell a friend! “Be About It!"


1. Thank you SPM (feat. Vic Pintos)
2. Here to Inspire
3. Shining so Bright (feat. Janine)
4. It Felt Incredible
5. La Historia de Luna y Miel
6. Sunny Days (feat. Flo)
7. She’s Only 18
8. Hijo Famoso
9. Angel Number 333
10. Vamos a Fumar (feat. Sayra)
11. Homies Carmen Ghia (feat. Sayra)
12. El Que Nunca Arriesga (feat. Flo)
13. I Promoted a Lot
14. Es Tiempo para Pablo (feat. Janine)
15. Flat Earth is Real
16. Toneladas (feat. Sayra)
17. Freestyle (feat. Vic Pintos)