Pablo as Cantinflas 8 x 10 on wood.

Image of Pablo as Cantinflas 8 x 10 on wood.
On sale

8 x 10 picture.

This photo was taken of Pablo in his backyard characterized as Cantinflas.

$5 for it to look like a real painting, what I do is mount and press it onto an eighth of an inch thick wood, then with texture gel (as shown on the picture) I get a paintbrush and give it brushstrokes throughout the image for an amazing authentic look. This is definitely a piece that will always receive compliments.

This 8x10 handcrafted arts and crafts Look and magnify beautifully with light.

How to hang it:
Mounts up beautifully flush up against the wall with Velcro strips or double-sided tape.

Please note:
Autograph optional due to special request.
Sharpie not included.